Fantasy Football for Blood and Profit
3rd Edition - 2008

Every preseason, you see countless periodicals, newsletters and other media that attempt to tell you how to draft your Fantasy Football team.  Every one of these sources is out-of-date well before the actual season begins and none discuss how the game is truly won or lost --- by careful, intense, shrewd management of your roster every week. 

You can win a league with a mediocre draft and by applying the methods that are discussed in this book; you cannot win a league with a great draft if you ignore proper strategy during the season.  

A comprehensive, consistent approach that can all but guarantee your appearance in the playoffs is presented in meticulous detail, with real world examples -- each updated and made fresh every season.  Unlike fantasy draft magazines, this text will remain timely and will be enhanced in years to come, and is also presented in a manner that will allow for quick review of the key concepts before every season, the same way that a professional poker player reviews his game before his or her next big tournament. 

With every season we are learning more and offering more --- as before, the book is targeted towards the advanced Fantasy Football player, but includes Appendices that provide the resources for a beginner to get up to speed quickly and be more than competent in his or her first league.

In the Third Edition, new statistical analyses are added throughout the book and a new mathematical approach to the all-important Consistency Factor, with players to target and avoid for the 2008 season is included.

The book is a complete resource on its own, but is also a worthy supplement and vice versa to the Fantasy Insights 2008 Preseason Report, a tremendously detailed guide to Fantasy Football for the entire season, a 355 page document available at

The Table of Contents for the Third Edition is presented below:

Table of Contents

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