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 Tuck this Away For Next Season.  MADE OVER 20k THIS SEASON!

I have been using this gambling strategy for four years now and I am up HUGE. I am up big time money. This strategy requires you to make a bet on a long shot to win the following year's super bowl but the name of the strategy is JUST MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. WHY? Because your team only needs to make the playoffs to cash in and if they don't make the playoffs your risk is as minimal as you want it to be. Let me explain:

You need to pick a team with 18-1 odds or higher to assure winning money. If they make the playoffs you can't lose money because you can hedge your bet all the way through. If your team wins the division then you are going to make even more money because you have one less game to hedge your bet. Nobody says you have to hedge your bet at all (I did that they year the Eagles won because I am a Eagles fan and I let it ride) - obviously you are gambler if you are a member of this site so you can decide at the time of the playoffs based on how hot your team is. Lets use the RAMS this year (the team I currently have) this year for example. Lets assume your play is $1000 at 18 to 1 odds to make it easy to follow.

Playoff game #1 - Rams -4 points vs Cardinals - I took the Cards +4 points for a $1100. If the Cards win you break even because the initial bet was a $1000 and with the loss of the VIG you lose $1100. If you middle it you win the $1100 wager and you are still alive for the $18.000. Rams won 34-31 so the middle came in. Hence I was up $1100 with life for the big money.

Playoff game #2 - Rams were a 3 point underdog so in order to cover your wager you need to take the Bucs at the ML of -1.50. However, you don't have to hedge its your choice. I chose to take the Bucs for 300 at -1.50 and since the Bucs lost 30-27 - I lost $450 but I was still up $650 = $1100 - 450 Bucs loss but I was still alive for $18,000.

Playoff game #3 - Rams were 3.5 point favorites vs San Fran. I chose to take San Fran +3.5 points for a $450 wager - guaranteeing me +$200 (if I don't cover) and a possible middle to win big. Just happened that the Rams won 20-17 and I middled it again. Now I am up $1100 and still alive for the $18,000. I was up $650 and the $450 on San Fran make it +$1100.

Super Bowl - Rams are a 4.5 favorite today vs the Bengals. I took the Bengals for $3500 thus guaranteeing me to be a winner.

Rams cover the 4.5 = I was up $1100 and $18,000 = 19,100 - 3,850 = $16,250 winner

Bengals cover the 4.5 = I was up $1100 but lose $1100 on my initial bet = $0 but I win $3500 I hedged on the Bengals under this scenario. Understand I am NOT rooting for the Bengals I want to lose my $3500 bet if I don't middle it.

Rams win by 1, 2, 3 or 4 points and I middle it winning the whole thing. This is my current situation and hoping this comes to fruition.

I was up $1100 +18,000 +3500 = $22,500 winner

2021 - I had Tampa Bay at 80-1 odds prior to getting AB, Brady and Gronk - Bucs won!
2020 - I had San Fran at 65 - 1 odds SF lost in the Super Bowl but I cashed in the $$
2019 - I had the Rams to win (forget the odds) - Lost in the S Bowl but I cashed in the $$.
2018 - I had the Eagles 60 - odds - Won it all and didn't hedge because its my team - cashed in big


EAGLES - 33-1 odds - 3 first round draft picks and currently 11+ million under the cap. The Eagles play in a easy division and they could win that division next year with all those picks. If NOT, should make the playoffs. That cap space should grow as they have a few high salary guys who might not be retained.

CHARGERS - 25 - 1 odds - what I do like is they have 11 picks in the draft. They have all their picks and 2 6th round picks and 4 7th round picks. Another positive is they are way under the cap somewhere in the neighborhood of 57/58 million dollars. What I do not like is that they play in a really tough and challenging division.

Dolphins - 36-1 odds - remember your just hoping for them to make the playoffs to make money. Once you get there more than that is gravy. Miami has 8 picks they have all their picks and a extra 4th rounder. Miami has the most cap space in the NFL with something like 65 million available. WOW! I will definitely put a wager on the Dolphins.

Steelers - 70-1 odds. You might get lucky here with the Steelers reaching out for a QB. Im hearing Garapollo but who knows. I got lucky last year when the Bucs signed Brady and boom - cha Ching. With these great odds a $200 bet might be worth it to $14,000. Pitt is short draft picks not having a 5th or 6th round pick. They are about 25 million under the cap though.



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