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We had a great college football season and three cappers  stood out and were deserving of GO -RILLA AWARDS this college season.  GO-RILLAS aren't always awarded for high play volume but rather for exceptional  and sometimes unique contributions that they may bring to the Tank that deserves recognition.  Most important also are capping records against widely available lines that most members can take advantage of.  Here goes:

was tremendous on very selective plays and went 14-5 this  pre-bowl season.  That's an unbelievable 72 % for patient followers.  This is basically his capping itinerary for the college FB season and it is a money-maker.  He is a very low volume but high percentage winner.   We feel a  GO-RILLA AWARD is deserved for this special accomplishment.  Two years ago he had a similar record and I didn't accord him the recognition but I am now.  Congrats  Dixie....TW
Another highly selective College FB Capper  who went 33-16 going 67% on the regular season,  This is his first GO-RILLA award and he is consistently hovering around the 60% record but this time he jumps over it significantly.  Congrats T-rock!....TW

Consistently strong year after year and another outstanding college season going 87-47 ( 65%) for  the full college season  Enough said. 
 Congrats Big Ear...TW

Other cappers who hovered around the 59- 61% range during the full regular season were 
WINNIE,  REDLION and GEKKO and all were very close to  GO-RILLA recognition.  Great job guys! 

We have so many other longtime CFB winners such as  Golden Gopher, Cupman, The Gamblin' Fool, Crow, Zack, Box, Royal Flush, BALL HOG, Buy the Hook  and Billy Shears.   All outstanding CFB cappers in their own right.    All have won Gorillas  before and surely will again, but as I have said before ---the GO-RILLA AWARD is not that easy to win.  If it were , it would lose it's high esteem.

Again---thanks to all for one of the best overall college football seasons that I can remember.  A special thanks to The Ghost Dog for all his mixed teasers, forum capper acknowledges and his  hysterical posts.   Special props also to Cupper for his consistently winning WNBA capping along with all the sports he caps.

*Posted by Thinkwin
  on Feb-05 1:53 AM

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