Hunting down the elusive GO-RILLA

I just want to post that we have quite a few GO-RILLA- bound recipients this college regular FB season. I hope all our silent members appreciate just how good our College FB Cappers are . They are all members that have been here many years and post year-after year and are as solid as it gets. We have a some that are absolutely having killer seasons like:

who has been tremendous on very selective plays and went 14-5 this pre-bowl season. That's an unbelievable 72 % for patient followers. You could make a nice side income off of his plays alone, but who the hell here has that kind of patience. Even "Dixie: himself doesnt just play his own plays, Most of us here are in it for the fun, action and love of the games so we play many sports and many games. Making money is nice though in this "hobby" of ours

--Another highly selective College FB Capper who went 33-16 going 67% on the regular season, Many of his wins came while sitting high up in a tree-stand in a South Carolina deer -food plot. He is a smart hunter and gets a few deer every year along with the winners he posts for us every season!

We have many other cappers hovering just above or slightly below that 60% mark . I'd need an accounting firm to keep track of everyone, but to those who have been posting their records it is very helpful. WINNIE has had a great season , Big Ear too, both over 60%, The Gamblin' Fool and Ghost Dog the same. Gekko had a teriffic regular season going 83-57. There are others but I just don't have the info to be specific right now but I wanted to get this mentioned before the Bowl games. I actually think most of our CFB cappers had winning seasons. Just update and we'll get you mentioned later on

Thanks to everyone for another great regular season and heres to an equally great Bowl Season. We will be keeping our Bowl success separate from the above pre-bowl games.

Posted by Thinkwin on Thursday  Dec-13 1:30 PM


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